Neck and Shoulders Pain and Stiffness 

Chronic consistent pain with stiffness on neck and shoulders.  After a treatment with acupuncture, cupping and Tui Na by Dr Chan,  patient instantly felt much pain relief and improved the range of motion on his neck and shoulder. He was surprised and happy with the instant result.

Eczema, case 1

Eczema on scalp for 6 years, had tried different product and therapies that could not recovered completely.  Dr Chan is experienced in skin diseases especially eczema.  She prescribed herbal supplement and treatments that the eczema recovered. 

Eczema, case 2

Skin eczema on thighs. Patient felt medication and cream did not work but caused side effect of sever drowsiness.  Dr Chan  made her stop the medication; eczema had been spreading out for a week. She did not feel prescribed cream reduce her itchiness.   I let her to take Ling Zhi herbal capsules together with antiitchy cream. Itchiness reduced much within a few days.  Ten days after, itchiness stop.  She still takes Ling Zhi capsules to improves her skin problem.

Skin Rash and Insomni

A late middle age female suffered from skin rash over a year after she changed a western medication. The rough thick itchy rashes spread out from thighs to torso, neck and armpit.  Intensive itchiness woke her up every night. She tried antiitch drug, cream and herbal formula.  Her itchiness somewhat relieved but which can be flare up with certain food, hot weather, emotional or physical stress.  She stopped any skin medicine or herbs for months, the rashes and red spots spread out to face and ears. After I let her take Ling Zhi capsules for about 3 weeks together with her antiitch cream, rashes calmed down much, itchiness reduced much, skins look much better.  She used to have insomnia, difficult to fall asleep or state asleep, especially with her skin itchiness. She used to take herbal pills that she fell asleep quicker but still no deep-sleep. After taking Ling Zhi, her sleeping improved much. 

Post Stroke Symptoms, case 1

A female senior had a stroke 2 years ago, now she uses walker, drags legs in short steps.  She can lift her arms up, toward front and sides, but left arm could not move towards the back.  She keeps on massage therapy once weekly as her rehabilitation. 

After my one section treatment to promote qi and blood circulation and relax tendon and muscles, she could move both arms toward the back even more, especially the left arm [see photos].  She felt her back and legs were loosened. I saw she walked slightly easy and faster.

Post Stroke Symptoms, case 2

Another female senior had a stroke 4 years ago.  She feels left sides of arm and leg are weak with numbness, lost strength could not control them well. Left arm and leg cannot extend straight.  When raising arms up, left arm curves and about 4 inches shorter than right arm. When walking, left leg slightly drags, and left knee curved outward.  She walks and stretches limbs everyday as part of her rehabilitation.

After three treatments of promoting qi and blood circulation and relaxing tendons and muscles, she could raise up her left hand higher as same level and right arm. Even though she said she did not feel any different on her left side, when I touched or pressed her muscles of back and limbs, she had more sensation on muscles of her back and limbs.  The longer the stroke had happened, qi and blood circulation and nutrition to body cells have been diminished, and long-term treatments are needed to improve body movements.

Post Stroke Symptoms, case 3

Another female senior experienced two strokes, one was over ten years that caused her dyspnea, she has difficulty in speaking words. The second stroke was three months ago after she had suffered from severe dizziness and vertigo for some weeks.  While she was hospitalized, she was very weak, especially her limbs, her right arm lost strength and reduced range of motion, and labored breathing with sever dizziness.

First treatment at hospital, patient immediate reduce her dizziness which she had suffered for some weeks.  Also, I taught her some self-remedies to promote recovery and prayed together to calm down her emotion.  Later, she breathed a bit easier than before, her face changed from distressed to peaceful. 

After a week hospitalized, she moved to rehab center. She said she kept on doing the self-remedy I told her and no dizziness any more, but she just finished physical therapy and felt very exhausted.  I saw she still had a bit labored breathing and weak limbs and difficult to move.  Then I gave her second treatment to promote qi and blood circulation, relax muscle and tendons.    She stated she felt better and gained strength when moving limbs. Under the observation of nurse, she even walked back and forth with her hands holding on furniture or wall.

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